IoT Roadshow, Denver – Component Distributors, Inc.: Disties keep adding value to the Internet of Things

Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI) exists in an incredibly competitive space, which you can ascertain from their name. And, like many other electronics distributors today, they’ve come to realize that they can no longer survive simply as a logistics company.

Historically, CDI has served the wireless/sensorsRF/microwave, power, LED lighting, and precision measurement markets, but the surge of interest in the Internet of Things has driven the company to take a more hands-on approach in their business by serving aspiring and professional IoT design engineers through their Embedded Masters services division. Embedded Masters serves the industry by providing a range of , such as the Wireless Sensor Evaluation Platform (WSEP) pictured below, to enable rapid prototyping of IoT devices. Although kits can be leveraged as standalone starter platforms, real value is achieved through modular breakout boards and components (at times that aren’t even on CDI’s line card) that can be added in a snap-on fashion that allows developers to asses parts from multiple vendors simultaneously.

This, as you would expect, leads to a design services component that helps get products to market faster, spanning everything from MCUs, power, connectivity, and BSP expertise. However, the real story of Embedded Masters comes into play on the software side, as their hardware enablement capabilities were obvious upon walking through their offices and observing multiple software developers coding away on tools to support designers working with platforms such as the InvenSense Firefly development kit, for example.

Taken in unison, this no longer sounds like a , but more of a value-added reseller, or even system integrator. When speaking with CDI’s CEO John Williammee in Denver, he explained this phenomenon, as well as how the IoT is changing M.O.s at every level of the embedded value chain.

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