IoT Roadshow, Melbourne, FL – DTx: Never assume when it comes to the Industrial IoT

You never want to make any assumptions when it comes to the IoT. That issue goes deeper when you’re referring to the Industrial IoT, a.k.a. the IIoT. While there seems to be boatloads of information out there regarding how to design for the IoT, specific applications have very specific needs. In some cases, the retrofits are simple. And in others, that’s not the case.

Take the manufacturing industry, for example. Some of these factories have been in place for 50 years or longer. Can they benefit from the IoT? In most cases, the answer is yes, but it takes a little peeking behind the curtain to understand exactly how.

This is what I learned on my latest IoT Roadshow stop, which was with DTx, a Contec company. While the company’s bread and butter is in the medical device space, it’s making inroads into the traditional manufacturing industry. In my eyes, if you can handle the strict requirements needed for medical manufacturing, you’re likely able to handle almost any kind of manufacturing.

Luis Alvarez, DTx’s Vice President of Integrated Solutions, shared some examples with me. In one, a paging system was combined with software infrastructure within a facility to monitor equipment status, production flow, and other parameters. Through the IIoT, the factory can be monitored from anyplace in the world.


Other examples take information up to the cloud where it can be analyzed, with decisions being made in near real time. The information was always available, but not in a central location – it was available to any location with an Internet connection. That’s a change, thanks to the IIoT.