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Applied Vision acquires Software Design Solutions

Software Design Solutions

Northport, NY - Applied Visions, Inc. has acquired Software Design Solutions, a software development company based in Pittsburgh, PA.

An estimated 5.5 million new IoT devices are connected each day and by 2020 an estimated 20.8 billion IoT devices will be online1. Manufacturers of everyday devices such as appliances, power tools, industrial equipment, medical devices, and automobiles are experiencing market pressure to make those devices more capable and connected. In some cases, the value of the data available from the device may be more profitable than building the actual device. These same manufacturers however don’t always have the expertise in sensors, embedded software, communications, security, and cloud services that is required to execute a successful IoT project.

In order to build a one-stop solution, Applied Visions, a NY-based software contracting firm, recently acquired Pittsburgh-based, Software Design Solutions, combining Applied Vision’s expertise in cloud services and security with Software Design Solution’s experience in embedded systems software. With decades of experience in both realms, the AVI/SDS engineers can easily integrate with existing teams to augment their skills or allow clients to off-load projects that are not within their core competencies.

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