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IMS Evolve joins Dell IoT Solutions Partner Program

IMS Evolve

IMS Evolve, the scalable Internet of Things (IoT) and machine management solutions specialist, has been welcomed onto the Dell IoT Solutions Partner Program as an Associate Partner. Through the deployment of its solutions onto the Dell Edge Gateway 5000 Series, IMS Evolve leverages the real-time data of a business’s estate at source to reduce energy consumption, manage waste and transform the cost of asset ownership.

Qualified to join the program on account of a proven alignment with Dell’s strategy to advance commercial and industrial IoT solutions, IMS Evolve can collect data from any device and translate it into a common protocol to inform better business decisions. Within food production and retail, IMS Evolve collates and manages the data from refrigeration and building management systems to reduce resource consumption. As an example, within the cold chain environment, the IMS Evolve IoT solution enables customers to manage the performance and efficiency of their estate, whilst mitigating waste and ensuring food safety and quality at each stage of the journey from production to plate. Cooling alone consumes 14% of the UK’s energy production, the results of using the IMS Evolve solution have been a significant saving on annual over chill, a reduction in stock loss and a better quality offering of certain food produce.

By providing processing capacity at the source with the Dell Edge Gateway, collection and management of data is executed at the edge, in context with other local data if required, and the actionable insight shared with the central resource. This leverages existing infrastructure and investment and, most notably, provides a platform for incremental expansion of IoT.

“Together with our partners, our mission is to enable IoT solutions that are secure, manageable, easy to deploy, and deliver clear ROI in areas such as improved efficiency, productivity, safety and user experience,” said Jason Shepherd, Director, IoT Strategy and Partnerships, Dell. “We’re excited to partner with IMS Evolve to harness untapped data from legacy infrastructures which benefits not only customers but the wider economy by improving the quality and safety of our food supply.”

Jason Kay, Chief Commercial Officer, IMS Evolve, adds: “In Dell, we found a company with the same architectural approach to IoT, and the hardware to delve even further into the vast potential of our solution suite and its application. Dell’s supply chain, its existing relationships with customers, and its ability to deploy and support environments at a massive scale will create new opportunities for us that we look forward to exploring.”

On behalf of its clients, IMS Evolve collects 28 billion data points a day and manages almost 79,000 sites across 12 countries. It is currently leading a project co-funded by Innovate UK to demonstrate the potential of incorporating demand side response measures within the cold chain to alleviate pressure on the National Grid.

Source: IMS Evolve