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Morey Announces Next Phase of Strategic Vision for IoT Solutions

Barbara Quinlan

WOODRIDGE, IL – October 31, 2016 – Morey, a leader in ready-to-deploy IoT platforms and solutions, today announced the next phase of its strategic vision that puts primary focus on its embedded IoT hardware systems. By refining its vision, the company will further invest and drive innovation within its hardware portfolio, which provides actionable insights through advanced analytics that foster innovation and deliver transformative business value for customers and partners.

Understanding that driving a successful, market-ready IoT platform to commercialization inherently demands reliable hardware endpoints, Morey is leveraging its more than 20-year history as an M2M and IoT hardware and service provider to harness the power of smarts, sensors and connectivity for improved data collection and advanced analytics.

This strategic approach focuses on five key value points:

Engineering Expertise

A dedicated, in-house team of experts providing strategic direction in the areas of embedded software, electrical, and mechanical design to assist in driving solutions from napkin sketch to deployable products that survive in their intended applications.

Technology Diversification

A wide range of advanced technologies for critical system functions, designed to scale with the needs of the customer and effortlessly integrate into wireless systems.

Partner Ecosystem

An ecosystem of resources that includes manufacturers, carriers, platform companies and specialists to support the creation, production and deployment of custom and custom-off-the-shelf wireless device solutions.

Business Processes

A laser focus on internal processes that can slow commercialization, such as supply chain management, logistics and fulfillment, obsolescence mitigation and regulatory, certification and compliance consulting.

High-Reliability Hardware

Hardware designed to cater to dynamic and demanding industries by delivering electronics design, manufacturing and lifecycle management solutions that never fail.

“Morey has been a key player in the connected devices space since our first IoT program in 1994,” said Chief Technology Officer Richard Catizone. “Since the success of that program, we have spent the past two decades evolving our approach to continue providing flexible and reliable hardware solutions that exceed the needs of their intended applications. We have a proven track record of IoT deployments across several industries and this vision allows us to focus on the hardware backbone of the IoT that enables us, and our customers, to be so successful.”

About Morey

The Morey Corporation is an electronics manufacturing solutions provider to dynamic and demanding industries in the areas of design engineering, manufacturing and business solutions. Focused on commercializing technology for global OEMs, service providers and entrepreneurs, Morey delivers products, components and subsystem solutions to automotive, IoT, construction, medical, defense and aerospace markets. Visit for more information or to learn about our US-based manufacturing facility and corporate campus in Woodridge, Illinois.

Source: Barbara Quinlan