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Smart.IO: App-enable Products With No Wireless or App Coding


Palo Alto, CA: Smart.IO is designed to solve an emerging requirement of embedded products - a modern user interface for control and information that runs on a smartphone. Typically it takes months and $$$ to app-enable embedded products. With Smart.IO, embedded designers can do it with minimal effort for just $16!

Smart.IO is a 3-part toolkit:

A Small Chip Module compatible with any microcontroller.

A Software API for creating Graphical User Interface (GUI) objects.

A Programmable Smartphone App that requires only a Bluetooth connection to use.

Embedded designers do NOT need to write any wireless code, or write an app. Just add the Smart.IO chip to an existing microcontroller-based design, then use the API to create GUI objects in the firmware for the app, and Smart.IO will do the rest!

Smart.IO is currently in KickStarter mode. For more information, please visit[...] or

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