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Christmas IoT Light Control by Real Time Logic (In Time for the Holidays)

Real Time Logic
Christmas Light Controller
Christmas Light Controller

Real Time Logic, device web server and security specialist, has introduced an Internet of Things lighting control application concept with a holiday theme made for the DIY enthusiast and embedded programmer.

The lighting control application is a project that provides a public access to indoor-outdoor lighting displays. The Holiday IoT Light Control is perfect for homeowners, parties, café, restaurants, and church displays to allow admiring visitors a selection of pre-programmed light transitions such as Wave, Psychedelic, Sequence On/Off, and overlapping commands via their personal phone.

How does it work?

The Web App is powered by JavaScript and enables the user to control the lighting display in real time by sending one-to-one and pub-sub messages to the light controller devices via the online server. The project is secured by incorporating two lines of defense: (1) working in stealth mode, and (2) strict authorization.

The inspiration for the Holiday IoT Light Control design was to provide the DIY developer community with a fun, in-expensive project that would also demonstrate ease of use and capability of the underlying IoT software technologies produced by Real Time Logic.

Source: Real Time Logic