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MLiS New Products Launch -- LTE Terminal MLBG4202

SCHMIDT & Co., Ltd.

Recognizing the industrial market needs, MLiS has launched new product MLB-G4202 LTE wireless terminal to achieve the significant advancements. LTE (Long-Term Evolution) is a standard for high-speed wireless communication for data terminals; it increases the capacity and speed to use different wireless interfaces with network improvements. MLiS LTE terminal establish the communication between M2M (machine to machine) over diverse locations. In addition, MLiS MLB-G4202 provides a higher cellular bandwidth and more reliable connection to Ethernet network for cellular applications.

The LTE terminal MLB-G4202 features the monitor devices can be centrally managed and widely distributed in different areas. To extend the transmission distance of the monitor system, the distributed cable access the solution for providing high performance. What is more, the new products emphasize on operation under wide temperature range from -40°C to +75°C and provide the highest level of device stability in any rugged outdoor environments. MLiS MLB-G4202 LTE terminal enhances professional techniques and offer exceptional solutions for multiple applications such as IP surveillance, vending machine, or telemetry, etc.

Key Features:


Supports 3G and 4G global networks, including LTE advanced

-40°C ~ +75°C wide temperature in harsh environments

IPsec/OpenVPN Support

MCCP/MCCU support

NAT/Port forwarding

Event trigger by GPRS/IO/Reboot/Relay

SMS control

CE/NCC certification

Additional Product Information

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