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WISER Systems Partners with Decawave to Provide IoT Tracking Solution

WISER Systems
U.S.-based WISER Systems, Inc. delivers indoor real-time tracking data in three-dimensions.
U.S.-based WISER Systems, Inc. delivers indoor real-time tracking data in three-dimensions.

Dublin, Ireland and Raleigh, NC, April 11, 2017 — Decawave, a world leader in ultra wideband (UWB) technologies, today announced a strategic partnership with WISER Systems, Inc., in Raleigh, North Carolina. Since announcing its Partnership Program in 2015, Decawave has partnered with 13 companies throughout the US, China, Europe and South Korea.

WISER’s autonomous Redundant Radio Localization and Tracking (RRLT) technology leverages Decawave’s expertise in location precision. This partnership pairs WISER’s award-winning Locator technology and Decawave’s revolutionary integrated circuit.

“This partnership is a big win-win,” said WISER's CEO, Elaine C. Rideout, Ph.D. “WISER and Decawave together produce an extraordinarily powerful, versatile, and reliable plug-and-play positioning solution.”

Decawave launched its Partnership Program early in 2015 to help cultivate a network of experts in location technologies, shortening the time to market and lowering costs through strategic connections with their partners. The company’s access to cutting-edge technologies in various fields helps both Decawave and its partners design and implement innovative and efficient solutions at competitive prices. Its partnership with WISER will benefit both companies as the analytic-rich Internet of Things (IoT) moves from cutting edge to implementable solutions.

WISER’s award-winning technology has earned accolades from North Carolina State University’s Daughtery Endowment and the US Department of Agriculture’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) awards program (Phase I and Phase II). Decawave has been honored with numerous awards in technology and innovation, including the Frost & Sullivan 2015 Global In-Door Positioning Systems Customer Value Leadership Award and the 2014 European RTLS IC New Product Innovation Leadership Award.

WISER Systems, Inc. delivers inexpensive, real time location of critical assets accurate within one-meter within a defined perimeter – indoors or out. WISER's RRLT™ tracking solution provides autonomous, real time granular location and “on-the-move” tracking that can be monitored through a web-based interface on any computer or mobile device.

Source: WISER Systems