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Cloud-based IPC ECW-281-QGW from ICP Deutschland enables intelligent networking of machines

ICP Deutschland GmbH
ECW-281-QGW – Cloud-based IPC for Edge Computing
ECW-281-QGW – Cloud-based IPC for Edge Computing

Much of industrial machinery and equipment has not yet been connected to the internet. The reasons for this are the communication protocol diversity and the lack of bandwidth, which hamper an effective data transfer into the central cloud. The solution is the ECW-281-QGW, a cloud-based IPC from ICP Deutschland that connects machines to the network, spares data a detour over the cloud, and minimizes the latency. It is placed directly on the machine - in the field where it collects, analyzes and processes the data from sensors and actuators. This is made possible by the combination of a powerful computing unit and intelligent software. The hardware is based on an Intel® Celeron® J1900 processor with max. 8GB DDR3L memory and it is equipped with numerous communication interfaces such as three RS-232, one RS-422/485, 8-bit digital I / O and two LANs. The highlight of the cloud-based IPC, however, is its intelligence. It is embedded in the pre-installed Embedded Linux QTS operating system and the integrated software tools. The Ready-to-Use system provides developers with unlimited access to the Docker® Hub. This enables the installation of additional tools with one click at a later time. Self-developed software for instance may be packed in containers and flexibly ported from one application to the next. Multiple fieldbus protocols such as Modbus, CAN or Profibus can be converted to IoT protocols such as MQTT or CoAP. This facilitates the networking of existing machines. In local databases, relevant machine data is safely buffered and evaluated by means of the rules engine Node-RED in order to execute actions immediately. The results are enriched datasets, which are with delay or only moved to the cloud if necessary. In this way, the lack of bandwidth is quickly leveled out and every existing machine is provided with intelligence using a cloud-based IPC.

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