Arduino and Runtime introduce Apache Mynewt to Arduino ecosystem

Complementary open-source hardware and software solution simplifies IoT development

San Mateo, CA -- Arduino S.r.L. and Runtime today announced the introduction of the Apache Mynewt (incubating) open source operating system (OS). Apache Mynewt is a composable OS for 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) that enables a variety of embedded devices, providing IoT developers with a commercial-ready OS that can run on these smaller, inexpensive processors.

Benefits to developers include access to source code; debugging through setting breakpoints, avoiding stack smashes, and eliminating stolen interrupts; direct access to peripherals for granular power control; precise configurability of concurrent connections; and    flexibility across central and peripheral roles.

“We’re pleased to see a truly open source operating system for our 32-bit MCU product line that can bridge the gap from prototype-to-product,” said Federico Musto, CEO & President of Arduino S.r.L. “IoT developers and Makers of all ages value ease-of-use and innovation that is fueled by Arduino’s thriving open source community. We continue to provide ease-of-use, now with the option of a modern OS underpinning, along with commercial support for large numbers of smart IoT applications.”

Apache Mynewt version 0.9.0 is now available for download at and supported on the following development boards: